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Gedvile's work cannot be easily conceptualized because it's beyond any linear approach.

It's an intuitive expression of her own practice of Self realization. Her art depicts fragmentary captures of a reality actively accessible, but for most, not visible.

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She serves as a mediator to these higher realities, thus her work could be described as a portal but also as a reality itself. It's self generated, a circumstance for the formless to transit into form via colors, lines and shapes and for the mind to go beyond the limitations of ordinary appearances. It's a revolt against the oblivion of our Spirit, our true nature.

Her work is a ray of Spirit on a canvas. She manifests a consensus reality but at the same time the image and emotion evoked by these perceptual experiences are not necessarily shared. 


There is almost no personal intention just the necessary commitment and a sincere consecration to Truth, which is the essence of everything. 

Since we are microcosmic reflections of a divine Love almost unbearable to fathom, her art is a catalyst for the ultimate intimacy here and now. Her awareness of the non dualistic reality, reflects on her work, which eventually she humbly offers to the Cosmic Consciousness as a prayer, as a longing for Unity beyond space and time, for all.


Gedvile's greatest gift is her inherent ability to hold and embrace seemingly opposite concepts and energies in a unique maternal way, always with love, care, sensitivity and joy. 


2005 - 2007

BA Goldsmith University London




In ToTo, Sin Sin Fine Art Gallery, Hong Kong


Chainlink Gallery, Los Angeles, US, January 16th - March 6th


Sculpture No.1 And A White Drawing, SWDZ, Vienna, Austria 18 Feb – 14 March (Solo Show)


The Two Kinds Of Order, Malonioji 6, Vilnius, Lithuania 1–22 Feb


Uninterrupted By History, SWDZ, Vienna, Austria, 28 Mar – 16 April 


Unity – Inner And Outer Aspects Of Reality, Rudolf Steiner House, 27th October – 21st November, London, UK



Curated by Carol Lee Mei Kuen &  Ko Siu Lan, 31 Women Artists Hong Kong, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery 6th May – 31st July


Mihn gallery Drawings by Gedvile & Lousy 15th – 21st Feb 


Karen Leung Foundation exhibition and auction 23rd Oct – 6th Nov


Kick Off, Sin Sin Fine Art Gallery, Hong Kong


Mix, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London, UK 18 Jul – 13 Sep, (Group Show with artists such as Damien Hirst, Jessica Albarn, The Chapman Brothers, Peter Blake)


Curated By Paul Smith & Friends London, UK 14-18 Oct (Group Show/ Selected Artist)



Art Vilnius Art Fair July 2019




Parallel Vienna, Austria, September 23rd–27th 

Parallel Vienna, Austria 1- 5 Oct

Q14Vilnius,Lithuania5Nov2014–2Jan2015 (LithuanianArt Quadriennale / SelectedArtist)

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