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Welcome to Soul School

I show and teach you how to be in touch with your own essence by facilitating the re-tuning of your body and spirit to be in harmony with the laws of nature, while expanding your capacity and enhancing their awareness, so that you are closer and more at peace with your true spirit.

Lagree Fitness™
Celebrated Artist


Classical tantra refers to various ancient Hindu and Buddhist religious practices, all centered around seeking full spiritual awakening. Its focus is enlightenment and consciousness, liberating the body, opening up our energies to heal ourselves, and becoming whole as beings.


All sessions can be remote or in-person.

  • Classical Tantra Fundamental Immersion

  • Tantric Yoga

  • Women’s Self Love and Empowerment Practices

What Clients Say About Working with Me

"Until I started PT with Gedvile, I tried almost everything and it hasn’t worked for me.  Weight loses and gain back and I was trapped in this vicious cycle. “Workout” became “suffering”. 

Gedvile is professional, detail-oriented, has all the knowledge and very patient. When we first started, we talked thoroughly. Then came up with a plan that is tailor-made for me and to make sure that we can work together to achieve my goal, Gedvile observes closely and talk to me every time; then she make adjustments where necessary. I can trust her 100% that she make sure we are on the right track. 

Gedvile has her unique way of helping clients and not like any other PT trainers because not only she has all the professional knowledge. She has a big heart, passionate and treat clients with love and patience. With the professional support from Gedvile, the work we do together is life changing. I am transforming in a way that I never imagined that I could. And more to come!  I am forever grateful for having Gedvile as my PT trainer. Thank you!”


— Crystal, Hong Kong



The Triple Vagal Method® is a somatic trauma transformation method that aims to release & heal trauma while increasing vagal tone through physical manipulation of the main branches of the vagus nerve. More information here.


All sessions can be remote or in-person.


Shamanic Ceremony

Shamanic ceremony is an ancient indigenous practice. We will explore non-ordinary states of consciousness by journeying to more subtle levels of our being and psyche for healing and spiritual transformation.


All sessions will be in-person.

Holistic Movement

Personal Training and Yoga with the purpose of bringing consciousness and aliveness into your body. We focus on the energetics and internal emotion of each movement to help you release and soften and feel at home in your own body. 

All sessions can be remote or in-person.

  • PT holistic body training

  • Restorative Yoga


Art Therapy

Art Therapy develops your intuition, hands and spirit to help you heal and discover more about yourself. Each session begins with a guided meditation to connect you to your body, followed by an intuitive painting session that helps you bypass your logical mind and explore your subconscious emotional and energetic blocks.

All sessions can be remote or in-person.

What Clients Say About Working with Me

“Working with Gedvile helped me become a better person and a better breath therapist. When we started working together [through Shamanic Ceremony] my intention was to connect to higher vibrations. Her love and wisdom helped me to work through some unresolved issues I did not even realize I had. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Gedvile and I am looking forward to doing more work with her.”

– Danny, Hong Kong

Image by Dan Otis

ALL humans by nature desire to know.
What do you desire to know?

About Gedvile Bunikyte

Gedvile Bunikyte is in constant dialogue with the universe - exploring and unearthing how to be in tune with our individual essence and to be in harmony with the laws of nature. This dialogue has led to expression in art, yoga, and alternative healing, leading her to becoming an internationally renowned artist, advanced TVM practitioner, and global teacher of the soul. Always on the path of truth to be closer to our true-selves and expand our capacity for greater consciousness, her curiosity continues to push her to learn more, listen more and share more.

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